Memory selection

Dave Lane dlane at
Thu Jan 16 10:43:26 PST 2003


>Read AMD's webpage(s) for their memory recommendations and follow them.
>AMD MP's in my experience are very sensitive, period, to just about
>everything in their engineering recommendations.  Use an "approved"
>power supply, approved memory, approved motherboard.

I'm beginning to believe that I want to start running away from AMD MPs!

>My recollection (without digging out a motherboard manual or rechecking
>their website myself) is that the recent dual AMD's all require
>registered ECC, and pretty high quality recc at that.  As always YMMV
>and somebody will probably chime in with how they tried other memory
>types and it worked, but our luck in that regard has not been good.

AMD's guide says (read this after I bought two test "workstations") that 
the 760 chipset (specifically the 762) needs registered memory - the MB 
isn't specific. This likely explains the flakiness of two dual MP2000 
systems with non-Registereed memory that I have been playing with.

>I think this is a FAQ -- do a search on the list archives, as I think
>Don Becker (?) may have answered it close to two or three times now, and
>has been generally discussed fairly extensively.;-)

Thanks, I'll look for it...Dave

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