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Joe Landman landman at
Thu Jan 16 11:50:47 PST 2003

On Thu, 2003-01-16 at 13:44, Art Edwards wrote:
> I tried to look on the amd site but the links to recommended
> motherboards gave errors. I have purchased K7VTA3 motherboards for AMD
> XP-2100 processors. I'm having MAJOR difficulties. The system loads
> (Debian Linux with either 2.2.20 or 2.4.19 kernel) and
> everything looks fine. However, when we run large jobs the systems
> crash. 
> Any insight would be welcomed as we have tried many things.

Have you done Memtest86 for a day or more?  (see

What about bios upgrades?  

Different motherboard (same K7VTA3 model, just a different physical MB).

Memory interchange?

What memory did you buy:  brand name or the cheap stuff?

What is the CPU temp?  The chassis temp?

On one of my ABIT KR7A systems, I had to increase the memory voltage and
the CPU voltage to near the maximum in the bios list to get the machine
to run stably.  Dont do this if you have poor cooling.  

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