Memory selection

Joe Landman landman at
Thu Jan 16 11:18:25 PST 2003

On Thu, 2003-01-16 at 13:43, Dave Lane wrote:
> Robert,
> >Read AMD's webpage(s) for their memory recommendations and follow them.
> >AMD MP's in my experience are very sensitive, period, to just about
> >everything in their engineering recommendations.  Use an "approved"
> >power supply, approved memory, approved motherboard.
> I'm beginning to believe that I want to start running away from AMD MPs!

As long as you follow the recommendations, you can have a good
experience.  If you buy memory from (as I once did, never
again), you get what you pay for.

Your reward is excellent performance and stability if you do it right.

The P4's have similar issues in terms of memory sensitivity.  They are
less sensitive on PS issues.  They are more sensitive on the cooling
issues (though they have built in protection which automatically drops
performance if they get too hot).
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