Creating user accounts....

Thu Feb 13 14:42:14 PST 2003

Yeah this is also a good idea,

one line ftp can be done this way 
Root $ scp /etc/passwd root at node1:/etc/passwd 
it will ask for a password type the password and your done

and do the same for all three files and on all nodes..

I was thinking of writing a script for this and run the script for that I
was thinking of using scp command in batch mode by using the options -B like
this and should not ask for password 

root $ scp -B /etc/passwd root at node1:/etc/passwd   
//but it says
Permission denied (publickey,password).
lost connection

Any idea how to fix this 

Jeff: are you doing the same or do you have some better way to do it ??????

Jai Rangi

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   I personally prefer files. You make the account on the master
node and then copy /etc/passwd, /etc/group, /etc/shadow, etc.
to all of the nodes. It's worked well for us so far on several
clusters (16 nodes, 64 nodes, 65 nodes, 26 nodes, 288 nodes).

Good Luck!


>What is the best way to create and manage user accounts on Beowulf,
>Is there a way that you create account on Master node and all the slave
>will get information from Master node only.
>I was thinking of NIS, if you use NIS then still so you have to create
>account on all the nodes.
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