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Daniel Pfenniger daniel.pfenniger at
Thu Feb 13 15:34:37 PST 2003

Here is a set of very short scripts from Clemson Univ. allowing to 
manage a whole
cluster simply via rsh.   For example

1)  Duplicate sequentially the master node passwd file on all the 
cluster nodes
     via nfs:
     $  brsh rsync /net/master_node/etc/passwd  /etc

2) Add a user on all the nodes.
     $  brsh useradd -c comment -g group -p encrypted_pass -s shell -u 
uid MrBean

3) Check that all the nodes have the same set of rpm's:
     $ brsh "rpm -qa  | sort >  rpmqa"
     $ brsh "diff rpmqa /net/node_1/root/rpmqa" | more

4) A quick check of the state of the cluster:
     $ brsh uptime

Almost all the cluster administration can be done with brsh.

A simple modification of the script brsh (the "&") allows to lauch the
commands on the nodes without waiting for their completion.    This is
useful for starting almost simultaneously on all the nodes
time-consuming commands, but not recommanded when
accessing the same file on a single node via nfs .  Here is
the script that I call brshn:
source /etc/brsh_setup.csh
foreach p ( `cat ${BRSHTAB}` )
        echo -n "$p "
        rsh $p "$*" &


>> What is the best way to create and manage user accounts on Beowulf,
>> Is there a way that you create account on Master node and all the 
>> slave node
>> will get information from Master node only.
>> I was thinking of NIS, if you use NIS then still so you have to create
>> account on all the nodes.
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