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Sat May 25 10:25:43 PDT 2002

--- hanzl at wrote:
> I migrated from PBS to SGE some eight months ago.

I play with SGE & OpenPBS, but not PBSPro (don't have the $$$), correct
me if I say anything wrong about it.

> While SUN also provides commercial versions of SGE, these commercial
> versions are merely opensource versions with commercial support. This
> is very different from Veridian model, where the opensource and
> non-opensource version compete and support team is in quite
> problematic situation - the more problems they fix in opensource
> version, the less money they get for the commercial version which
> looses competitive advantage.

I asked a stupid question on the PBS users list before: "Is there an
OpenPBS developer list??"

I did not get any answer. The problem is that PBSPro is also
opensource, so in theory if outside developers have access to the
OpenPBS cvs tree, they can patch OpenPBS with PBSPro...

> In fact, I was reading PBS manuals forward and backward for few
> months, but understood much less than with qmon and SGE manuals after
> few weeks or maybe days. (And it may be my fault, of course.)

I spent > 2 hours the 1st time setting up SGE, but I have past
experience with LSF, so other people may spend more time, but the
install is menu-driven, which is quite easy to follow :-)

> PBS probably still has much bigger user base. Given the dynamics I
> observe, this is bound to change relatively soon.

Actually, there are more traffic on the PBS mailing-list...

I think PBS is still more popular in research labs and universities,
where people tend to be more active in mailing-lists. SGE, on the other
hand, has more commerical (EDA, bio-tech, etc) users.

But if you analyze the traffic on the PBS mailing-list, you will find
that a lot of messages are related to installation, compile problem, or
jobs don't get scheduled. PBS does not work "out of the box".

> SGE mirracle still depends on SUN fundings. Theoretically SUN may
> abandon the project as they abandoned tcl/tk. But most likely they
> will not abandon it soon, and later on SGE can survive by itself, as
> tkl/tk survives.

And don't abandon star-office, I don't want to stick with M$-office.


> Best Regards
> Vaclav

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