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Kris Boulez Kris.Boulez at
Thu May 23 01:38:18 PDT 2002

Quoting hanzl at (hanzl at
[ lot of other relevant parts removed ]
> In fact, I was reading PBS manuals forward and backward for few
> months, but understood much less than with qmon and SGE manuals after
> few weeks or maybe days. (And it may be my fault, of course.)
I don't think it's your fault. I read the PBS manuals also multiple
times and there are multiple concepts about PBS I just don't get.

The SGE manuals on the other hand are well written and very clear. I
read through most of it in half a day and have the feeling to understand
even the most complex items.

I'm seriously thinking about swithcing from PBS to SGE in the near


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