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Wed May 22 09:51:41 PDT 2002

>Subject: Tyan S2466N boot problems...
>From: Alberto Ramos <alberto at>
>   Hi all.
>   We are mounting a beowulf cluster with 4 dual nodes with Tyan S2466N
>   We have 2 problems:
>   - How can we made a node boot without a video card? A node that work
>perfect with video card seems not to boot without it.

That should not be an issue. However in the BIOS one does need to set the 
console redirection parameters if you want a console interface over the 
serial port.

>   - We have 512MB PC2100 DDR ECC Reg. memory modules (ATP AB64L72A8S8BOS),
>that in the web page of tyan seems to work perfectly. With just 1 DIMM it
>works fine, but when we put 2 DIMM in the same machine, the machine dont boot.

Two things to look at:
1) Some better RAM.
2) More current Tyan 466N-4M BIOS.
Early revs as shipped with boards are "limited"
Tyan already has at least version 2466N-4M "Q" on their ftp, and "T" or 
higher will be there soon, I am sure..

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