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It means that if you have 128 cpus in your cluster that you
have to buy 128 licenses of the CDK.

However, if all you want is their compilers you can buy licenses
for only where you compile.  You can download mpich or lam for
free and you can run on as many nodes as you like.

Disclaimer, I don't know if they changed the licensing for 4.0, but
I doubt it.


On Fri, Jun 14, 2002 at 12:46:10PM -0400, Ivan Oleynik wrote:
> I have some questions about licensing of PGI compilers. If you look at
> Portland website, there are several bundles of compilers such as PGI
> Workstation and PGI CDK Cluster Development Kit. They differ dramatically
> in terms of the price. In particular, PGI CDK Cluster Development Kit
> comes with 2/5/10/25/50 users and 16/64/256 CPUs ranging from $2,000 to
> $10,000 (for academics). 
> I would like to know what does number of CPU's mean: is it something that
> will limit number of MPI processes during execution of binary generated by
> PGI compiler? How does it practically work? Is it implemented via
> something like Flex LM License Manager? For example, if I have 24 node
> cluster, does it mean that I need to buy at least 64 processor license if
> I want to utilize all the processors?
> Thanks,
> Ivan
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