which kernel on ServerWorksLE/which nfs?

Joachim Worringen joachim at lfbs.RWTH-Aachen.DE
Thu Jan 17 23:49:50 PST 2002

rsweet at atos-group.nl wrote:
> I'm wondering if the list could indulge my curiosity by sharing which
> kernel versions they are running sucessfully (for me meaning it stays up
> for at least several weeks...) on ServerWorks LE chipsets (in my case
> Asus CUR_DLS and SuperMicro P3TDE/370)?

We use SuperMicro 370DLE, pretty much the same than P3T..., but for
coppermine P-III, together with the onboard NIC (Intel). However, we
don't use ethernet for message passing, only for NFS etc.

> In particular is anyone running a 2.4 kernel with any reliability?

We are using 2.4.4 (with some patches for Promise IDE support), the
systems are up for weeks although used heavily for low-level library

> If so, what NICS are you using?
> Are you using nfsv3 (knfs) or nfsv2/userland nfs?

NFSv3. BTW, has anyone a proven concept to improve NFS performance for
Linux clients towards a Solaris server? We experience that write access
of the clients causes the disks of the server being extremely active, as
if no caching would take place. The same server serves NFS smoothly for
any Solaris clients. Increasing the NFS block size did not really help
very much. Th net gives many suggestions, most of them relate to
outdated kernel / nfs client versions.


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