which kernel on ServerWorksLE/which nfs?

Josip Loncaric josip at icase.edu
Thu Jan 17 08:41:52 PST 2002

rsweet at atos-group.nl wrote:
> I'm wondering if the list could indulge my curiosity by sharing which
> kernel versions they are running sucessfully (for me meaning it stays up
> for at least several weeks...) on ServerWorks LE chipsets (in my case
> Asus CUR_DLS and SuperMicro P3TDE/370)?
> In particular is anyone running a 2.4 kernel with any reliability?

We've had good luck with stock Red Hat 7.x distributions and ServerWorks
LE chipsets (SuperMicro 370DLE with dual PIII/800 CPUs).  We just
upgraded to Linux kernel 2.4.9-13 (an update to the kernel Red Hat 7.2)
which also works OK.  However, last fall some of the Giganet cLAN
drivers had trouble finding the 64-bit PCI bus since the 2.2->2.4
upgrade.  I do not know yet if 2.4.9-13 fixed that problem, or if the
problem is due to Giganet drivers.

> If so, what NICS are you using?
> Are you using nfsv3 (knfs) or nfsv2/userland nfs?

We use "tulip" style cards (Kingston KNE100TX (21143 chip) on our
ServerWorks LE systems).  The on-board Intel-based ethernet also works
OK, but we currently do not use them.  NFS is started in its default
configuration, which I believe is nfsv3 (running as knfs, not as a
separate process).

Our ServerWorks LE systems stay up for months, except for one which
stays up only for weeks.  These machines get heavy use...


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