which kernel on ServerWorksLE/which nfs?

rsweet at atos-group.nl rsweet at atos-group.nl
Thu Jan 17 02:32:31 PST 2002

I'm wondering if the list could indulge my curiosity by sharing which
kernel versions they are running sucessfully (for me meaning it stays up
for at least several weeks...) on ServerWorks LE chipsets (in my case
Asus CUR_DLS and SuperMicro P3TDE/370)?

In particular is anyone running a 2.4 kernel with any reliability?

If so, what NICS are you using?
Are you using nfsv3 (knfs) or nfsv2/userland nfs?

-Ryan Sweet

Ryan Sweet <ryan.sweet at atosorigin.com>
Atos Origin Engineering Services

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