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With regards to your message where you stated:
>Steven Timm wrote:
> >
> > Does anyone have any recommendations on what type of dual Xeon
> > motherboard to get to be able to run these new 2.2 GHz processors?
> > I have heard a lot about the Supermicro boards but am suspect due
> > to problems with several earlier versions of Supermicro PIII boards.
> >
> > Is there any word on when Intel will be releasing their new
> > board with the native Intel chipset instead of a Serverworks chipset?
> >
> > Steve
There are only two currently available choices:
Tyan S2603
Supermicro P4Dxx series.

Unfortunately the Intel 860 chipset is only compatible with RDRAM. 
Supermicro have a few variants, but they are all limited to 2GB RAM.

The Tyan can go to 4GB, but uses a memory riser card to do it, and is a 
very large form factor as a result. Also, the Intel cooling shrouds for 
XEON are huge, and actually hang past the motherboard, breaking the form 
factor specification.

Power supply requirements are also very hefty.

In general it is unlikely to implement this board in anything under 4U of 
rack space.

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