Subject: Re: Boards for Fastest Intel Processors

Maurice Hilarius maurice at
Sat Jan 12 09:08:51 PST 2002

With regards to your message , where you stated:

>Supermicro's P4 Xeon dual uses the Intel 860 chipset as do all dual
>P4 Xeon boards I'm aware of. Also, the current 2.2Ghz chips are not
>Xeon's from what I read anyway so only singles are available at this
Also the XEON P4 is made on an entirely different and larger fab process.
As a result they draw huge a mounts of power, and require extraordinary 
This makes the cost and reliability an issue. It also makes the fast clock 
speeds unlikely until Intel starts fabbing them on newer processes.
Also, Intel has said the 860 chipset is intended for workstations, and that 
they have no intention of releasing their own board for it. Claims are that 
later this year they are supposed to be releasing some newer chipset XEON 
servers. Serverset is notable by it's absence in this space.

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