8 node cluster

Maurice Hilarius maurice at harddata.com
Sat Jan 12 09:49:23 PST 2002

With regards to your message where you stated:
>On Friday 11 January 2002 03:35, Ron Choy wrote:
> > My advisor has made me responsible (*gasp*) for purchasing a 8 node
> > cluster, used mainly for computational linear algebra problems.  After some
> > research I came up with the following configuration:
> >
> > Frontend (+file server):
> > Asus A7M266-D (AMD 760MPX)

I think the Tyan S2466N, with it's onboard dual 3COM NIC is a better bet.
And less $$, and Tyan already has way more MP Athlon experience than ASUS.

> > Enermax EG365P-VE 350W PS (meets the 15A on 12V requirement of the board)

Check the real power output. In my experience Enermax is very optimistic 
about their outputs.
I think you might consider Zippy or NMB too..

> > 2 x Athlon MP 1800+ (1.533GHz)
> > 2 x Thermaltake VOLCANO 6Cu+ heatsink

Why The stock AMD heatsink/fan is good, and the boxed CPUs come with this 
and 3 year warranty instead of the one year on tray/OEM parts.

> > 2 x Kingston PC2100 512MB ECC Registered

Whatever. you DO know that 1GB modules are the same price or cheaper [per 
MB than 512's?
Also, CAS2 modules at 1GB are available now, which allow you to cleanly run 
4GB on this chipset..

> > IBM SCSI HD 36GB 10000RPM
> > Adaptec SCSI Controller

Consider LSI/Symbios. Open Source drivers are a good thing. Adaptec is all 
reverse engineered.
As for performance, I do not want to start a war, but we get better results 
on Symbios.

> > 2 x Netgear GA622T gigabit nic

Consider the Intel 8490..

> > ATI xpert Rage XL 8MB AGP vid
> > Floppy drive
> > Sony 52X cdrom drive
> > Tower case

With good airflow..

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