Beowulf with Gigabit Ethernet

Patrick Geoffray patrick at
Thu Jan 10 10:33:10 PST 2002

Hi Øystein,

Øystein Gran Larsen wrote:
> Check our ScaMPI datasheet at
> It uses ping-pong performance to illustrate the performance of SCI, Myrinet and Ethernets.

Which Myrinet hardware are you using in your test ? It looks like old 
1.28 Gb/s interfaces not sold since quite a while (more than a year). 
If it's the 2 Gb/s interfaces, the PCI is obviously the bottleneck 
(the MPI curve caps normally at 240 MB/s with this equipment on a good 
PCI 64/66).

You may want to precise in your document the Myrinet model and the PCI 
characteristics of the test machines, and eventually the fact that the 
Myrinet equipment used is no longer available. This is required for a 
fair interpretation.


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