Beowulf with Gigabit Ethernet

Øystein Gran Larsen gran at
Fri Jan 11 02:16:50 PST 2002

Patrick Geoffray wrote:

> Hi Øystein,
> Øystein Gran Larsen wrote:
> > Check our ScaMPI datasheet at
> > It uses ping-pong performance to illustrate the performance of SCI, Myrinet and Ethernets.
> Which Myrinet hardware are you using in your test ? It looks like old
> 1.28 Gb/s interfaces not sold since quite a while (more than a year).
> If it's the 2 Gb/s interfaces, the PCI is obviously the bottleneck
> (the MPI curve caps normally at 240 MB/s with this equipment on a good
> PCI 64/66).
> You may want to precise in your document the Myrinet model and the PCI
> characteristics of the test machines, and eventually the fact that the
> Myrinet equipment used is no longer available. This is required for a
> fair interpretation.
> Regards
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Hi Patrick,

I agree that the data sheet could be more detailed. As far as I have been able
to uncover the Myrinet card in question was a PCI64B with 4MB SRAM and 2Gbit/s
link speed. The performance measurements were performed outside Scali and made
available to us.

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