Beowulf with Gigabit Ethernet

Øystein Gran Larsen gran at
Thu Jan 10 06:42:55 PST 2002

Alberto Ramos wrote:

>   Hi all. Im new to this world, but here in one university of Madrid, we are
> planning to construct a beowulf for lattice QCD numerical simulations.
>   We are thinking in 8-16 dual Athlon MP processors based in the new Tyan
> MPX mainboard. We have a problem with the comunication. Myrinet is very
> expensive for us, and we are thinking in Gigabit over cooper, but we dont
> know if this has some problems with latencies. In other words, Do you think
> that the improvement from fast Ethernet to Gigabit over cooper Ethernet is
> good enougth?
>   Also we dont know very well what the latencies of gigabit over cooper are
> compared with fast ethernet and myrinet, maybe some of us can help us.
>   Thanks to all.
>   Alberto.
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Check our ScaMPI datasheet at
It uses ping-pong performance to illustrate the performance of SCI, Myrinet and Ethernets.


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