Fortran compilers for Linux/mpich

James Cownie jcownie at
Fri Nov 23 03:42:10 PST 2001

> I have never used the Intel compiler.  Our cluster (Imperial
> College, London) is built around AMD Athlons.  Is the Intel compiler
> compatible with Athlons?

At higher optimisation levels when it is compiling for the pentium
four it will generate SSE-2 instructions which are not implemented on
the Athlons (yet).

I'm not sure whether the license _allows_ you to use it to compile for
Athlons, or whether it checks somewhere in the runtime to ensure that
you don't...

You can download it and try it at only the cost of your time (and it
may remain free to you as an academic even for production use).

It's easy to find on Intel's site if you want to play with it.

-- Jim 

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