SGE - Grid Engine Training at SC2001, November 12

Conrad Geiger - Sun Academic Region HPC Technologist Conrad.Geiger at Sun.COM
Thu Nov 8 10:17:01 PST 2001

For those that are attending SC2001, there is a free
Grid Engine (SGE) training session available for you.
If you are interested in this open source Beowulf job
management system and would like to attend, please email
me and show up at the Denver location and time listed below:

   Class: SGE (Grid Engine) training
   Date: Monday, November 12
   Time: 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
   Classroom location:  Colorado Ballroom F
             Marriott Hotel, 1701 California Street, Denver
               (near Denver Convention Center)

         Sun Grid Engine (1 hour)
		 -- overview of concepts
		 -- installation options
		 -- architecture
                 -- information flow
                 -- scheduling
                 -- complexes and resource management
                 -- parallel and checkpointing
         Examples (30 minutes)
		 -- complexes
		 -- load sensor
                 -- license management
                 -- immediate vs. low priority jobs
         SGE/EE technology (15 minutes)
                 -- tickets
                 -- share tree, functional, deadline, override
         Grid Engine Integration with ClusterTools (20 minutes)
	 Grid Engine Open Source Project and API initiative
                          (20 minutes)

Conrad.Geiger at Sun.COM

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From: Ron Chen <ron_chen_123 at>
Subject: Re: Compile farm?
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Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 11:44:54 -0800 (PST)

What you need is a batch system.

There are 2 free batch systems, SGE and PBS.

Both of them are opensource, but nevertheless, you can
get 7x24 support if you are willing to pay.



Also, SGE has qmake, which can execute several
instances of make on mutliple machines for one single
make job.

Install note:


--- Scott Thomason <SThomaso at> wrote:
> Greetings. I'm interested in setting up a shell
> account/batch process/compile farm system for our
> developers, and I'm wondering if Beowulf clusters
> are well suited to that task. We're not interested
> in writing parallel code using PVM or MPI, we just
> want to log into what appears to be one big server
> and have it dispatch the workload amongst the slave
> processors. Is Beowulf good at that?
> ---scott
> p.s. Sorry if there are duplicates of this message;
> I used the wrong email address earlier.
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