Multiple Promise Ultra 100 TX2 controllers...

Chris Black cblack at
Thu Nov 8 08:23:58 PST 2001

So, to summarize: two controllers work fine, three fail.
Have you turned on CONFIG_PDC202XX_BURST in your kernel config?
It is in the IDE/ATA section of the kernel config. It shows up in 
menuconfig as "Special UDMA feature" and the help text says:
For PDC20246, PDC20262, PDC20265 and PDC20267 Ultra DMA chipsets.       x   
  x Designed originally for PDC20246/Ultra33 that has BIOS setup            x   
  x failures when using 3 or more cards.                                    x   
  x                                                                         x   
  x Unknown for PDC20265/PDC20267 Ultra DMA 100.                            x   
  x                                                                         x   
  x Please read the comments at the top of drivers/ide/pdc202xx.c           x   
  x                                                                         x   
  x If unsure, say N.     

It sounds like it might help.


On Thu, Nov 08, 2001 at 10:39:19AM -0500, John Burton wrote:
> Greetings!
> Over the past month, I've been trying to build a 500GB  ATA/100 RAID 5
> array and have encountered multiple problems along the way.  My system
> consists of:
>    * SuperMicro 370DL3 motherboard w/ Adaptec Ultra 160 SCSI and 100mbit
>      nic (eepro100) onboard.
>    * 2 1GHz PIII processors w/ 512MB memory.
>    * 9GB Quantum Atlas Ultra 160 SCSI system disk.
>    * 100GB Seagate AIT tape Autoloader.
>    * Seagate DDS-3 4mm tape drive.
>    * 6 x 100GB Western Digital ATA/100 disks
>    * 2 x 3Ware hotswap chassis - fits 3 ATA/100 1" disks in a 2 bay area
>    * RedHat 7.2
> The latest problem I've been having is with multiple Promise Ultra 100
> tx2 controllers - with 6 disks, I need 6 IDE channels which means 3
> Ultra 100 controllers.  I had purchased one tx2 earlier this year (early
> spring) and just this past week purchased 2 more.  I installed them and
> connected them to the 6 disks.
> When I booted the machine, I got the Promise Ultra BIOS screen detecting
> the drives, and then it displays a list of 8 possible drives (D0 - D7).
> D0, D2, D4, & D6 have disks listed next to them and D1, D3, D5, & D7 do
> not have any disks listed (this is expected since I'm only using 1
> master drive per channel). What is not expected is that there are only 8
> possible drives listed. With 3 controllers, there should be 12 possible
> drives with 6 drives detected.
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