Gigabit Ethernet switches and network adaptors.

Joshua Halpern jhalpern at
Fri Nov 2 18:30:33 PST 2001

I am in the process of specifying components
for a small (8 node, Althon based) cluster.  In
searching the net I came across a  reasonably
priced 8 port copper Gigabit switch and
network adapters.

I have a friend who says that the things that he
makes are inexpensive, not cheap.  Does anyone
know whether the following are inexpensive,
or just cheap?  Any experience with them?

TrendNet TEG S80TX 8 port unmanaged switch - $799

TrendNet PCITX 32 bit PCI network adapter - $69

or the

Accton EN1408T 32 Bit PCI network adapter - $99

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