Compile farm?

George France france at
Thu Nov 15 15:57:43 PST 2001


Install pvm, there are patches for 'gnu make' to use pvm, then just do a 
"make -j <num processors in your cluster>, simple, easy and it works for me 
on i686, alpha and the ARM arch.

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On Friday 02 November 2001 14:25, Scott Thomason wrote:
> Greetings. I'm interested in setting up a shell account/batch
> process/compile farm system for our developers, and I'm wondering if
> Beowulf clusters are well suited to that task. We're not interested in
> writing parallel code using PVM or MPI, we just want to log into what
> appears to be one big server and have it dispatch the workload amongst the
> slave processors. Is Beowulf good at that? ---scott
> p.s. Sorry if there are duplicates of this message; I used the wrong email
> address earlier.
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