Scyld 27bz-8 problem (symptom: netstat)

Michael Stein mas at
Thu Nov 15 10:59:06 PST 2001

> If so, I am curious whether anyone else has experienced an incorrect
> response from the command 'netstat -avupt' when executed as root.  I
> find that the system does not believe root is root.

I see this on several systems.  One behind a firewall and I'd guess
never attacked (the firewall doesn't allow inbound anything even ssh).

This is a RH 7.0 system with kernel 2.2.16-22.

netstat is from net-tools-1.56 (RH 7.0).

I suspect it's just a partially built internal file control block of
some sort in the kernel.  Find the process id for "[mdrecoveryd]",
cd to /proc/<processid> and then try to ls the fd directory.

I traced it this far by running a recompiled (COPTS=-g) netstat under gdb
as root with a breakpoint in netstat.c function prg_cache_load where
the variable eacces gets set to 1.  Futher tracing would probably have
to be in the kernel.

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