Tyan Tunder K7 and Gigabit Ethernet cards

Nirmal Bissonauth Nirmal.Bissonauth at durham.ac.uk
Thu Nov 15 09:49:24 PST 2001

Hi all,

I would like to know if people have been successful in using gigabit
ethernet(over copper) cards with the Tyan Thunder K7 motherboard. (s2462)
This has two built-in 3com 100 Base T cards.

I have tried to use a DLINK DGE-550T card with the latter but without much
success. Even after disabling the onboard NICs, the card did not work
properly. The problem is that an interrupt is not set after a DMA
transmitt (something to do with the APIC I presume). I tried linux kernel
2.4.12-ac3 with the latest driver from Dlinks website, but that did not
make much difference either. I have six of these.

The cards that I am particularly interested to hear about are the
3com Gigabit Network card (3c996-T) or (3c996B-T) or (3c1000-T)
Intel PRO/1000 Gigabit Server 1000B-T PCI Adapter (PWLA8490T)
NETGEAR 100/1000Base-T Copper Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (GA-623T)
Netgear 100/1000BASET 32/64 BIT PCI Gigabit Adapter (GA-622T)
SMC TigerCard 1000BaseTX 32/64Bit PCI Gb Ethernet Nic (SMC9462TX)

Or any other cheap gigabit network cards.


Nirmal Bissonauth                 email: nirmal.bissonauth at durham.ac.uk
University of Durham                      www: http://aig-www.dur.ac.uk

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