Upgrading to 27bz-8

hanzl at noel.feld.cvut.cz hanzl at noel.feld.cvut.cz
Wed Nov 14 03:09:55 PST 2001

I guess once you ever managed to beoboot your nodes from harddisks
(you have working beoboot partition type 89), you should never have to
touch your nodes again, they should boot from newly installed master
as well. (Unless you change network card on slave node,
e.g. installing 3c905C might cause you problems.)



> From: "Joe Nellis" <jnellis at dslextreme.com>
> Greetings,
> We would like to install this new version of Scyld software and we are
> currently running -7 version.  When we originally installed -7 our
> nodes didn't have floppies or cdroms so we had to crack each case and
> hook up a floppy to get it booted once. This took considerable time.
> Once all the nodes were booted, we moved the boot image to each node's
> individual harddisk.  Now I am wondering how we can avoid this again.
> If we install -8 onto our master node will the nodes come up in enough
> of a condition with their -7 bootimage to rewrite a new boot image to
> their harddisks?  Otherwise I am assuming I will need a -8 boot image
> to write to the node disks before I even install -8 on the master.  I
> hope this isn't confusing.
> thanks,
> Joe Nellis
> jnellis at dslextreme.com

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