Upgrading to 27bz-8

Joe Nellis jnellis at dslextreme.com
Tue Nov 13 15:21:40 PST 2001


We would like to install this new version of Scyld software and we are currently running  -7 version.  When we originally installed -7 our nodes didn't have floppies or cdroms so we had to crack each case and hook up a floppy to get it booted once. This took considerable time.  Once all the nodes were booted, we moved the boot image to each node's individual harddisk.  Now I am wondering how we can avoid this again.  If we install -8 onto our master node will the nodes come up in enough of a condition with their -7 bootimage to rewrite a new boot image to their harddisks?  Otherwise I am assuming I will need a -8 boot image to write to the node disks before I even install -8 on the master.  I hope this isn't confusing.

Joe Nellis
jnellis at dslextreme.com

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