Using NFS with Scyld (-7 ver.)

Joe Nellis jnellis at
Sun Nov 4 13:45:21 PST 2001

Greetings (again),

We are having problems getting the nodes to see users home accounts.  Our
master node mounts an NFS for all /home files. We have changed and
uncommented the /etc/beowulf/fstab file so that MASTER =,
which is the first nic.  After rebooting the nodes we did a
>> bpsh -a df
and saw that the nodes are mounting the master at (the
second nic).  Doing a
>> bpsh 4 ls home
lists all users but any attempt to get details or dig farther down
>> bpsh 4 ls -al home or bpsh 4 ls home/jnellis
gives a file or directory not found error.

So I am wondering two things, since I am not a networking guy.  Do we have
the MASTER= in the fstab pointed at the right IP address (I am guessing it
shouldn't point directly at the NFS)?  Secondly, is there something we are
missing that must allow requests for /home files on the nodes to pass
THROUGH the master. I ask this because the nodes report mounting /home
through nic#2 address and the node fstab is through nic#1 address.

Joe Nellis
jnellis at

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