AMD testing

Mark Hahn hahn at
Thu Nov 1 13:14:14 PST 2001

> > I had a problem with a Tyan 2460 that I got when they first came out. It 
> > seems that the board actually only supports 3 memory modules even though it 
> > has 4 slots. (??!!)
> Capacitance problem. I had some Alpha LX boards that were like that:

perhaps.  people often don't realize that a dimm can be single
or double-sided, though: double sided uses up two "banks" that 
the chipset supports.  so, for instance, 4 slots might well be 
reasonable for a chipset that supports 6 banks, since you might
be able to put 4 single-sided dimms in the slots and have them work.

(6-banks is fairly common among chipset I've looked at recently.
note that these 'banks' are different from the banks internal 
to a single chip...)

> 256 MB DIMMs weren't on the compatibility list, not because they

a 256M dimm that consisted of 8 256Mb parts would count as one-sided,
for instance, but one that had 16 128 Mb parts would be two-sided.

offhand, I'd guess that all reg/buf dimms count as one-sided, but 
I suppose two-sided might exist, too, and be 1 gate cheaper...

regards, mark hahn.

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