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Robert Sand rsand at
Fri Jul 13 08:03:09 PDT 2001

Christoph Wasshuber wrote:
> I have a fundamental NFS question. Assume
> that we have three computers, X, HEAD, NODE1.
>         X ----- HEAD ----- NODE1
>       /vol      /mnt/v1    /mnt/v2
> X     is some computer on a larger network
> HEAD  is also member of this larger network and
>       knows about X and NODE1
> NODE1 is one of my beowulf nodes and does not
>       know anything about the larger network.

Not a chance.  Your reasoning sounds good but here is were the problem
starts.  X is sharing the vol via nfs to any number of systems and HEAD
is one of those systems.  HEAD is mounting the nfs filesystem on /mnt/v1
therefore /mnt/v1 is an nfs filesystem.  The nfs server on head can not
share a fiel system that does not belong to it and it shouldn't because
of the implicit security and permission problems involved in it.  The
nfs server on HEAD can only share filesystems that are local to it, be
they HDD's, floppy's, CDROM's, or ZIP drives but never an NFS mounted

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