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Fri Jul 13 07:13:01 PDT 2001


I've attempted the same thing before, but it simply does not work in any 
cases that I've tested.  I does make since however, because (using your 
terminology) HEAD is mounting X:/vol as /mnt/v1.  HEAD:/mnt/v1 is really  
just a blank directory if you think about it, that HEAD maps as coming from 
X:/vol.  Now, if HEAD exports /mnt/v1 to NODE1, then it is really exporting 
a blank directory (i.e. i maps X:/vol when it personally reads/writes to it, 
but it has no facility to forward this directory to NODE1, giving it a blank 
directory instead).  This may not be entirely correct, but it is an 
explanation I've found useful in thinking about such situations.  If NODE1 
absolutely needs to see X:/vol, then you can use the ip forwarding/ ip 
masquerading/ nat facilities in Linux (or your choice of OS) so that NODE1 
knows about X and can see X:/vol itself.


Wes Wells

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