Stability of network cards at 75MHz+

Chris Empson C.J.Empson at
Mon May 15 18:15:09 PDT 2000

> I am going to be involved in purchasing some additional nodes for our 
> Beowulf, and was wondering if people had any wisdom about the stability of 
> network cards running at non-standard FSB (and PCI) speeds.  The ability to 
> overclock the Celeron is well documented, but I haven't seen much on how the 
> PCI cards are affected.
> The hardware is going to be the Abit BP6 boards, and the 3c905B NICs.  No 
> hard drives, which I hear are the biggest problems...

I have been running my Abit BP6 mobo @ 75MHz FSB since January with no 
ill affects to the stability of any component, including my el cheapo PCI 
NE2000 clone network card. 

The machine is very stable, but does get a little bit on the warm side 
now and again! 

Chris Empson
Second Year MChem Chemistry 
University of Hull

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