[Beowulf] VIA C3 benchmarks?

Jim Lux james.p.lux at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Jun 23 08:09:51 PDT 2004

I have just such a toy cluster.. it's 4 of the 533 MHz fanless units,
however, we have only just started doing benchmarks on it.  It's running the
freevix configuration (since it supports the sound card hardware and is
adapted to diskless booting) sans the x-windows stuff, but this uses the
uclibc libraries and busybox for the shell stuff. I don't recall exactly
which kernel version it is.

The clustermatic folks also have a small cluster of these boards (they had
them at the ClusterWorldExpo)

Suggest some standard tests and I'll run them in the next couple weeks,
assuming I can build the benchmark successfully (this is by no means
assured... the nodes have a pretty limited library set, and we're still
thrashing through our tool chain issues)

Jim Lux
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