[Beowulf] VIA C3 benchmarks?

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Wed Jun 23 08:36:48 PDT 2004

On Wed, Jun 23, 2004 at 08:09:51AM -0700, Jim Lux wrote:

> I have just such a toy cluster.. it's 4 of the 533 MHz fanless units,
> however, we have only just started doing benchmarks on it.  It's running the

I'm rather impressed by the nano-ITX motherboard form factor -- it seems to
fit blade-like into 3U rackmounts, and they should be easy enough to cool. 
They also have compact flash sockets. On the minus side, the onboard NIC 
only does FastEthernet. Another plus:
http://www.linuxbios.org/status/index.html says via/epia and via/epia-m is

They seem largely suitable for web hosting (hardware acceleration for crypto,
hardware RNG, NX), but then http://linuxdevices.com/articles/AT2656883479.html says

"Q22: Beyond security, are other cool features planned?

A22: The next chip has some tools to do computationally intensive things
where hardware provides a big advantage. But I don't want to say yet what
they are.

Q23: Would they be useful for multimedia?

Yes, for multimedia, and for other things.

Q24: Like a DSP?

A24: Kind of like that."

which *does* sound interesting. 

> freevix configuration (since it supports the sound card hardware and is
> adapted to diskless booting) sans the x-windows stuff, but this uses the
> uclibc libraries and busybox for the shell stuff. I don't recall exactly
> which kernel version it is.

I'm pretty impressed by the busyboxy (I run Sveasoft for WRT54G which is
based on a MIPSel).
> The clustermatic folks also have a small cluster of these boards (they had
> them at the ClusterWorldExpo)
> Suggest some standard tests and I'll run them in the next couple weeks,
> assuming I can build the benchmark successfully (this is by no means
> assured... the nodes have a pretty limited library set, and we're still
> thrashing through our tool chain issues)

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