C++ programming (was Newbie Alert: Beginning parallel program ming with Scyld)

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I do find these religious wars amusing. A small point following the F******
is better/oh no it isn't stuff:

compiler writers can no doubt correct me but I'm reasonably convinced that
in many cases Fortran (77 rather than 90 or later) is sufficiently limited
in the language constructs possible that the compiler is better able to
optimise the code. That's better than a random sample of code written in,
say, C, not code written really carefully knowing exactly how the compiler
will map code onto the underlying hardware architecture.

(hitting send during one of these debates feels a lot like lighting the blue
touchpaper and retiring...)


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(ex-APL, ex-PL1, ex-Basic, ex-Fortran, ex-Pascal coder,
ex-etc-that-I've-forgotten and then we start on scripting languages...)

wot, no Algol? Lisp? Lex/yacc? And shouldn't that have been FORTRAN rather
than Fortran, or are you one of those latter-day F-90 chaps rather than F77
or earlier...?

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