C++ programming (was Newbie Alert: Beginning parallel program ming with Scyld)

Bob Drzyzgula bob at drzyzgula.org
Wed Oct 16 07:15:21 PDT 2002

I suppose a C-vs-C++ discussion wouldn't be complete
without reference to the hoax interview with Bjarne
Stroustrup, copies of which are all over the Web, including
(thank you, Google) here:


It may have been a hoax, but beyond the essential lie
that it was an interview with Stroustrup, there's a lot
of inconvenient truth therein. IMHO, C++ is a complex and
powerful language that takes some effort to learn to apply
well. Personally, since I've never had the time or need
to make the requisite investment, I tend to avoid it's use.


On Wed, Oct 16, 2002 at 11:50:39AM +0100, graham.mullier at syngenta.com wrote:
> I do find these religious wars amusing. A small point following the F******
> is better/oh no it isn't stuff:
> compiler writers can no doubt correct me but I'm reasonably convinced that
> in many cases Fortran (77 rather than 90 or later) is sufficiently limited
> in the language constructs possible that the compiler is better able to
> optimise the code. That's better than a random sample of code written in,
> say, C, not code written really carefully knowing exactly how the compiler
> will map code onto the underlying hardware architecture.
> (hitting send during one of these debates feels a lot like lighting the blue
> touchpaper and retiring...)
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> (ex-APL, ex-PL1, ex-Basic, ex-Fortran, ex-Pascal coder,
> ex-etc-that-I've-forgotten and then we start on scripting languages...)
> wot, no Algol? Lisp? Lex/yacc? And shouldn't that have been FORTRAN rather
> than Fortran, or are you one of those latter-day F-90 chaps rather than F77
> or earlier...?
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