Beoserv doesn't start

Ollisl ollisl at
Thu Nov 7 16:13:53 PST 2002


I'm quite new to this beowulf-cluster, though I've already built one 12-
node system. But now I tried to put beowulf into one computer that had
already an OS. All went well, I installed the beowulf from the CD to
other HD(so I don't need to do anything to lilo, just change settings
in BIOS(not very familiar with the Linux)). But now the beoserv doesn't
start, when booting. It took a while to realize that, but I looked the
processes(ps -ef|grep beo) and no beoserv. So I started it and now I
could see the nodes' MAC addresses and drag them to the middle. Now the
slaves got to second stage, but not further. Following is on the

screen: connect( Connection refused
boot: Bproc slave daemons exited with error 1

and then it waits for 30 sec and boots...

What might be the problem? And what to do to get beoserv start in boot?


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