Carlos O'Donell Jr. carlos at
Wed Mar 20 11:49:33 PST 2002


I recently posted a quick idea about rehasing the
concept of tiled display + beowulf.

My initial thoughts were along the line of:

Some people were quick to point out (as was I myself)
that it seems rather insane to render and _then_ transfer
the results to the nodes.

However, my points are the following:

- Division of rendering protocols is incredibly complex.
	= WireGL has only a subset of the openGL implementation.

- Division of labour at the X server level requires a lot
  of resources per node.
	= x2x and VNC derivatives are included here.
	= What about micro-X servers?

What's left? Push the division into the lower layers.

- Distributed framebuffer device
	= Similar attributees to VNC systems.
	= Less resources per node
	= Increased network traffic
		- Possibly insane amounts of BW.



Link List: (wow.... 1998!)

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