Can't boot diskless Pentium IV node

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Thu Mar 21 07:56:25 PST 2002

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> Hi all,

> We have been using a diskless Beowulf cluster with 11 nodes (Pentium
> III) for Computational Fluid Dynamics/Finite Element computations
> since a couple of years. The operating system is RedHat 7.1 (kernel
> 2.4.2). 

> Now, we are upgrading the nodes to Pentium IV processors (Rimbus
> memory, DFI motherboard) and we are experiencing some problems. 


> 2./ Why the PCMCIA code hangs in the P IV node?

> 3./ Any ideas about why the `rc.sysinit' script hangs at the `sleep 1'
> and `initlog ...' lines. Is this caused by the root filessytem to be
> mounted readonly or may be due to errors in the NFS mounted
> filesystem?

Finally we succeded in adding the new P IV node. We simply removed all
redundant features from the kernel. (BTW, this was suggested by Mark
Hahn <hahn at> in a private posting. Thanks!!)



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