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Fri Mar 1 09:59:31 PST 2002

> [... some bad experiences with 6800 and RedHat...]
> I posted to various mailing lists my experience, and got quite a few
> responses saying that they had the same problem, and had ditched 3ware.
> I seem to recall seeing a press release or similar saying 3ware was
> getting out of the eide raid controller business, but I'm guessing
> that either wasn't true or they changed their mind. 

That was a time ago now. 3ware's products (i saw lots of controllers...) 
are the only ones that are known (by me) supported well by linux (promise 
hasn't  a really hardware raid support, 3ware controller have!). We are using
mostly Escalade 7850 for our storage servers (16* 120 GB Maxtor/2* 7850/
4 U Rackmount), which are used as cluster server as well as large disk space
e. g. for video editing. 3ware wasn't getting out of buisiness and they
support their controllers well. There are some known issues with
RedHat-Installations, but we are using the SuSE Linux distribution and their
kernel releases support 3ware controller very well and out of the box
(2.4.10/2.4.16). The performance with raid level 5 is about 50-60 MB/s with
bonnie++, which is more as much of the SCSI-raids i've seen yet. With the
experiences we made i can conclude that 3ware's controller should be the 
choice for unexpensive hostbased raid solutions with linux. (and i do not 
speek for 3ware!)

> Buyer beware.

Sure. But it is up to the dealer to give the right informations on his


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