Some Questions about scyld beowulf!

邹 光先 zouguangxian at
Mon Aug 27 06:07:07 PDT 2001

I have installed scyld beowulf .
now my cluster consisted with 24 PCs.each one have 40G harddisk,1G ram.when 
i have a look at scyld beowulf status monitor,i found that the disk column 
is "35/37Mb(95%).i do not know whether my scyld beowulf have 40G*24=960G 
harddisk ?or just have 24G in the master node? the harddisk in the other 
slave node was not partioned into the cluster?
if originally i  have win98 or redflag linux  in node 10,after i used it as 
a slave node in the cluster, do the win98 or redflag linux is still on this 
if some body can help me ,that is my pleasure.
thank you.:)

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