Can the linpack including in scyld beowulf get correct result?

邹 光先 zouguangxian at
Mon Aug 27 19:30:05 PDT 2001

i means that since the scyld beowulf including linpack (but do not have 
HPL.dat), so if i do not download or edit a HPL.dat,can linpack including 
in the scyld beowulf benchmark the beowulf cluster correctly? if can 
not the *scyld* include the HPL.dat or some relative documents ?
i am a newbie to beowulf and cluster ,i just have a impression on 
 i first run linpack in scyld beowulf, i even think that my cluster is so 
poor----for it's peak just reach 0.8 G (1 master node+1 slave node,each pc 
equips with pIII 933 and 1G ram).
  can u give me more advice?
>linpack is just a shell script.  It creates a temperary HPL.dat.  Read the
>shell script to figure out how to do it on your own, or copy the script
>and edit it directly.
>On Mon, 27 Aug 2001, [gb2312] 邹 光先 wrote:
> > from some paper,i know that the linpack will use a file which was named
> > HPL.dat ,in this file,there are some parameters such as matrix
> > width(n),processor grid and so on.but in scyld beowulf,i do not find 
> > file.when i use linpack to benchmark the beowulf system,i find that it 
> > N=3000,NB=60 and i can not change it!
> > so i want to know whether the linpack including in scyld beowulf can 
> > the correct result?or I need to download some file to let it work well?
> > thank you!sorry for my poor english.:)

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