Scyld and GPL

Eric T. Miller emiller at
Wed Aug 22 10:01:19 PDT 2001

I am risking a good flaming here, but I think it's worth it.

This is in regard to ilker ARABACI's post, and my own experience in looking
for an ISO image.

Since Scyld is built on top of Red Hat, isn't it subject to the GPL just
like any other Linux distribution?  It is my understanding that if any
previous code is used to develop a new distribution, then it is clearly a
product of the GPL and should be made freely (and easily) available.  Please
correct and educate me if I am wrong!

If this is the case, however, will we see the download links given equal
billing with the commercial (pay) links on Scyld's homepage?  This seems to
be the status quo with all other major Linux distros.  I think many
potential clustering enthusiasts are put off at first by the "fog" that
surrounds getting your hands on the Scyld software.  This is not indicative
of the sense of community fostered by the whole of the Linux family.

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