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Ron Chen ron_chen_123 at
Sat Aug 4 14:12:38 PDT 2001

The backfilling algorithm of LSF is very limited.
PBSPro 5.1 is _much_ better, it can backfill nodes,
cpus, memory.

Also, PBS Pro 5.1 can do resource reservation, which
LSF can't.

PBS Pro 5.1 is closed source, but openpbs does not
have the features. You can add Maui to PBS to have all
the advanced features w/o paying money. (LSF is too
expensive and does not do the job)


Also, SGE is also easy to install and config. I like
it better (Opensource, stable, fast)



>I've just finished installing LSF at a remote
>corporate site (they've had 
>the licenses for awhile), and I'm impressed by the
>quantity of configuration 
>options available for scheduling. One particluar
>method, called backfill, 
>could be very useful. It allows short jobs to run in
>the CPU's reserved for 
>multi-cpu jobs, if they will complete before the
>multi-CPU job will start. 
>An advanced version of this (which LSF doesn't do)
>would be to start jobs 
>using the reserved cpus, and then suspend them when
>enough cpus are 
>available to run the multi-cpu job. 

>Has anyone developed something like this already? 

>There are a few schedulers available on the OpenPBS
>web site, but no 
>ehancements. Is there an active effort to add in new
>features (via patches) 
>to the current release? I've got a couple in mind
that >I would need to 
>implement an 'ideal' scheduling policy. 

Joshua Weage 

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