Rack mount cases needed

Jared Hodge jared_hodge at iat.utexas.edu
Tue Aug 7 11:07:44 PDT 2001

Try servercase.com.

> Diego Julian Remolina wrote:
> Hello people,
> We are trying to get the parts to build our cluster. The configuration
> we would like per node is:
> 1 Tyan Thunder K7 (S2462) With SCSI
> 2 Athlon MP 1.2 Ghz (Maybe 1.4 Ghz by the time we order depending on
> price)
> 4 Corsair RAM 256 MB ECC Registered DDR RAM Modules to add up to 1 GB
> Total RAM.
> 1 20 GB ATA100 HDD (with the possibility to expand to SCSI later on if
> needed)
> We are planning to start with 12 to 16 nodes.
> I have not been able to find 1U or 2U rack mountable cases
> from different places, so I would like to know if anybody has any
> suggestions.  The main problem with the cases is that we need the
> "FAMOUS" 460 watts power supply required by the Tyan motherboard.  The
> only place I found that has such cases is www.einux.com, but they ask
> $700 to $900 depending if the case has hot swappable drives or not.
> I really need to get started on ordering the parts so I will be very
> thankful with any clue you may give me.
> Thank you,
> Diego Remolina

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