(Scyld) ext2 fs error when writing beoboot image to slave HDD

Eric T. Miller emiller at techskills.com
Sat Aug 4 21:40:11 PDT 2001

Man!  I am so close!  Changing from the 3Com to the Dlink NIC solved all the
driver issues.  Now, the slaves complete phase one and phase two boot,
unpartitioned drive on slaves causes error status, just like documentation
said it would.  Creating default partition tables and writing those to the
slaves goes off with out a hitch.  But, when I envoke :

		beoboot-install -a /dev/hda

to write the boot image to the slave hard drive, the script executes
normally, but ends with an error:

		ext2fs check_if_mount no such file or directory while determining whether
/dev/hda1 is mounted

followed by some other errors that relate to the same.

I'm almost there!

Eric T. Miller
MCP, CCNA, CCDA, N+, A+, i-Net+
Techskills, Columbus
614.891.3200 ext. 105

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