running MPI, and login in locally into slave nodes

german kogan gkogan at
Fri Aug 3 15:44:54 PDT 2001

> > > 3) I was trying to run a simple MPI program. And when I tried to run it
> > > using the command /usr/mpi-beowulf/bin/mpirun -np 2 a.out I got the
> > > following error message "p0_2813: p4_error: net_create_slave: host not
> > > bproc node: -3 p4_error: latest msg from perror: Success. However, it did
> > > work when I used 1 process instead of 2. Any ideas what
> > > does this mean and what am I doing wrong.
> >
> > Hrm.. do you have any slave nodes up?  You can check that with 'bpstat'.
> > Also, are you trying to use a pgp4 file?

Ye I got one slave node up, number 0. It comes up when I do bstat. Whats a
pgp4 file? I was trying to run a simple C based MPI program.


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