Scyld BeoBoot Hang

Eric T. Miller emiller at
Fri Aug 3 11:55:28 PDT 2001

OK.  It seems that some others have had the same problem and were able to
fix it by making a boot floppy from BeoSetup and using that to boot the
slaves.  No dice for me, the boot floppy behaves exactly the same as the
CD-ROM.  It boots fine, I have scrutinized the console and can see no error
messages or anything of that sort.  Then, it begins RARPs and the MAC
appears in the Front-End console.  I drag it to the "Configured nodes"
column, and apply.  The daemon restarts, and the status remains unchanged,
in a "down" state.

Just to make sure it wasn't an isolated problem, I made five boot floppies
and booted all five slave nodes.  They all exhibit the same behavior:  MAC
address shows up, drag to center column, apply, node remains down.

Would purchasing the Basic Edition solve this problem?  I am completley in
the dark about what to do next.

Eric T. Miller
MCP, CCNA, CCDA, N+, A+, i-Net+
Techskills, Columbus
614.891.3200 ext. 105

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