SMP Kernel for Scyld?

Lambe, Dave dave.lambe at
Thu Aug 2 05:27:36 PDT 2001

Maybe you can clear up something for me? The procedure you gave won't whack
out my Master(single PIII) trying to boot the SMP kernel? What about the
rest of my single CPU nodes? I didn't change anything in lilo.conf yet.
That's where I got confused (again, I didn't want to kill my Master trying
to boot the SMP kernel, maybe it doesn't matter?). When I go to Beosetup,
the option to choose a new kernel image is grayed out. BTW, The dual CPU'd
SGIs were added after the fact.

Thanks again,


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On Wed, 01 Aug 2001, Lambe, Dave wrote:

> Thanks Sean. 
> Next question, my nodes boot from floppies (they have W2k loads for quick
> deployment spares). I was able to rpm the SMP kernel on the master. How do
> go about pointing the 2nd part of 2kernelmonte to the new SMP kernel
> (beosmp) instead of beobeoboot? TIA

The beoboot kernel is the kernel that goes on the phase1 boot image.
This is the image that goes on your floppy disks.  There is no need to
change this.  The only thing that you need to change is the phase2 boot
image, which is the second part of the two-kernel monte.  The phase2
boot image is recreated when you follow the last part of my instructions
that tell you to go into beosetup and recreate the beoboot file.

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