channel bonding

ajay kumar todimala todimala_ajay at
Sat Apr 21 16:37:53 PDT 2001

hello everybody,

we am trying to install channel bonding in our

I am using 3c59x and rtl8139 on one node.
And rtl8139, ne2K-pci and 3c59x on the master node.
The third NIC I was trying to connect to Internet.

I followed the instructions from one of these mails
and channel bonded. It shows the same Hardware Add
when typed ifconfig. 

I found also that changing the MAC address when you
bring up the bonded channel does not work with the
RTL8139 chips (even though it looks like it worked as
per ifconfig; 

My questions are: 
1. Can I use different NIC on the same node and/or   
    cluster and still channel bond it

2. Is there any other tool to test channel bonding
other than netperf( I was not able  to install

3. Can I run dhcpcd on a third card on master node.

Is there any comprehensive documentation avaliable.

Thank you

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